Bifocals are those eyeglasses, which have two different optical powers. These glasses are prescribed to people who suffer from presbyopia, and for those who require a correcting number for myopia.

Bifocals may also called readers, cheaters or magnifying safety glasses. Some reputed brands in the bifocal safety glasses world are AO Safety, 3M, Elvex, Dewalt, Jackson Safety, Pyramex, Radians and Olympic.
Since the modern fashion demands stylish glasses as an eye wear accessory, bifocal safety glasses are further classified into different styles such as:
• Trendy like the Paramex Ztek.
• Wrap Around like the AO safety Readers, These come up with a quite trendy look.
• Sporty look like the Radians Rad-Sequel coffee.
• Box Style such as the Elvex Rx100 Bifocal safety glasses, these are side shielded box style safety glasses.
• Google Style like the Elvex bifocal foam lined Go-Specs.

Bifocal safety glasses are of various types and can be bought according to the bifocal lens requirement. These are:
Single bifocal on the bottom such as the Elvex RX-200 1.5. These are most commonly used bifocal glasses.
Dual bifocals lens like the Jackson Safety Dual Bifocals. They have bifocals lens on top and bottom and are quite useful for mechanics who work under the cars or electricians who have to often work upon sockets overhead.
Filtered flip up bifocal safety glasses like the Pyramex Onix Plus Readers Clear 2.0 with 3.0 or 5.0 IRUV Flip Down Lens, can be very handy when welding or using a cutting torch.
Bifocals with led lights on temples such as the Pyramex PMXTREME® w/ LED Light and Readers 2.5. These come very handy and can be very useful.
Bifocal safety glasses also come in many lens colors or functions. Clear lens are common and used by many people. Clear anti fog glasses are also available. Grey shaded or tinted bifocal lens are great for outdoor activities and helps in protecting eyes from glare, such as the Elvex RX-300 grey lens. Brown or coffee colored lens are used to enhance outdoor depth perception such as the Elvex RX-350 Brown 2.0 Lens Bifocal Safety Glasses. Indoor and outdoor bifocal lens are available for adjusting to light indoors and well as outdoors. Also available are amber bifocal safety glasses that help in enhancing contrast in low light conditions.
There are also magnifier lenses that are available with full viewing lens magnification like you would find in reader or cheater reading glasses.
It is also worth mentioning that the lens of safety glasses are made up of polycarbonate which offers 99.9% UV A and UV B protection.
There are some other features you may be interested in before buying bifocal safety glasses. Such features as a soft rubber nose bridge, which helps in hot, and sweaty environment. Another feature is the rubber temple tip to reduce slippage if you are engaged in a sport or in hot environments. These help to secure glasses to your head. For more precise adjustment, you may want to have angle adjustable temples. For additional protection from debris and flying particulates you may want to consider the inner frame foam liner, such as the Elvex Go-Specs.
The last thing you should know before buying bifocal safety glasses is to make sure the glasses meet the ANSI approved standards.


Jim Lorang SmallSafety glasses have been a fashion trend as well as a safety eye-wear for many people. With changing times the design of safety glasses kept on changing as well.

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