My fruit basket is full of safety glasses. Really. It makes sense when you know that my writing station is located close to the double decker fruit basket where I hang safety glasses after trying them out. I decided to go
through and share my favorites.

I have a couple of favorites I use for biking or if I have to do yard work.

I go for fit, style and comfort. My buddy, aka Mellon head, also has somefavorites but basically, if they fit his melon head, he’s happy.

Top Safety Glasses Choices at a Low Cost:
-Sharp looking, comfy and cheap. What can be better than that? Elvex Sphere-X Ultimate Blue Blocker Safety Glasses are perfect for females or males with narrow faces. They’re snug without being too tight.
-I’m a big fan of indoor/outdoor safety glasses and that’s why the Elvex Avion and Pyramex Intruder are perfect. I love that they’re multi-purpose.
-Got the melon head thing going on? Finding safety glasses that have flexible temples is a must for you. Try the Elvex’s Trix and you’ll notice you can’t beat the price.