Recently, I was asked about Indoor/Outdoor Safety Glasses so I dug into my vast knowledge of safety glasses (LOL) and retrieved the portion about I/O lenses. Thanks for your question!


The indoor/outdoor lens is actually a clear lens with a mirrored coating. The mirrored coating reflects sunlight and glare, which cuts down on eye fatigue and strain. It provides protection in the sun, but because of its clear lens and the high amount of visible light that passes through, this lens is effective inside as well.


The unique nature of this lens helps your eyes adjust when moving from a shaded area to a bright area and vice versa. Without these this lens it’s like a punch in the face every time you go in and out. This lens is ideal for individuals that work outside, but take a large number unnecessary breaks inside. Indoor/Outdoor lenses allows individuals to wear the same pair of safety glasses for indoor and outdoor applications. The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the door is shut when the air conditioner is on.


The indoor/outdoor lens can be used for most applications, whether they’re inside or out. They work best for individuals moving from shade to direct sunlight and back again. You know… people who have trouble making up their mind.  Here is a picture of the Radians Rad Infinity Indoor Outdoor safety glasses.  A very popular style. So as you start your spring outdoor projects remember you only have 2 eyes, so your better protect them.

Radians Rad Infinity I-O