Safety glasses are protective eye wear worn to enclose or protect the eyes from water, sunlight, dust, flying particles, rays, chemical and other harmful effects. These glasses are extensively applicable in chemistry laboratories, woodworking, snow sports, swimming, factories and plants. Varying by properties and use, these lenses can also be worn when working with power tools such as drills or chainsaws. Apart from this, glasses are prescribed for those having vision problems.

Depending on your work conditions and specific requirements use, you can select the lenses which are outlined below with their colour samples, characteristics, application areas and benefits:


specifically designed to block blue light and mainly required for
increased visual contrast. Benefits of these lenses are that these
are perfect for inspection/quality control, haze and fog.

Flash Mirror:
suitable for
various outdoor applications,
type of lens provides extreme protection against intense sun glare
and sunlight. Those who participate in sports events can better
meet their requirements with this lens.

with ‘blue blocking’ properties, it is a general purpose sun
lens worn to reduce outdoor haze and increases contrast. This type
of lens is recommended for sports events and outdoor tours.

Clear: it’s a general purpose impact
protection lens used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Cobalt Blue: those who work near high
temperature furnace in glass making industry can have this lens.
It’s also recommended for foundry and high heat applications.

Copper Blue Blocker: this lens is
considered highly protective against intense outdoor sun glare.
Its ‘blue blocking’ properties, reduces outdoor haze and
increase contrast.

Gold Mirror: much similar to cooper
blue blocker lens, this lens provides protection against haze and
intense sun glare.

Grey: it’s a general purpose lens
worn to reduce sun glare and intense sunlight.

Grey Polarised: suitable for outdoor
application, this lens reduces sun glare around highly reflective
surfaces. You can also wear it for outdoor water & snow

Ice Blue: this
eye strain and fatigue caused by high levels of yellow and sodium
lighting inside many plants.

Indoor/Outdoor: workers
who move between indoor/outdoor can wear this lens as it

provides 50% glare reduction.

Light Brown: featuring
‘blue blocking’ properties, this type of lens is perfect for

sun glare reduction. It also
reduces outdoor haze and increase contrast.

automatically adjusts lens tint for changing
outdoor to indoor conditions.

Silver Mirror: suitable for many
outdoor applications, this is a general purpose sun lens that
reduces sun glare and intense sunlight.

Weld Shade 1.4: Ideal for those who
are engaged in welding and torch soldering.

Weld Shade 2: it protects welders
from torch soldering and indirect exposure to light welding.

Weld Shade 3: this lens is
recommended for torch brazing and light gas cutting.

Weld Shade 5: those
who are engaged in
brazing, light gas welding and cutting can wear this lens.

Before buying a pair of safety glasses, make sure the type of lens you need to meet your specific requirements. These glasses are available in various specifications, sizes and designs. You can also avail the entire range at market leading prices. These glasses remain in great demand across the market for featuring variegated attributes like trendy look, light weight, scratch resistance and utmost quality.

Author’s bio – the author of this article has elaborated about the use of safety glasses in different areas of applications. These glasses come in various specifications depending on their type and use. They also work as a safety barrier between eyes and harmful effects.