Yes, that is correct, safety glasses without polycarbonate lens.  The new Elvex Air Specs are safety glasses with a stainless steel mesh lens.  Have you ever ran a chain saw and had your safety glasses get all fogged up or full of perspiration?  Well, I certainly have. So what do you do, do you stop each time and wait for your body to cool down, not likely. You pull out a pair of Elvex Air Specs safety glasses/goggles.

I tried on a pair just this past week.  It takes you a few seconds for your eyes to get used to the screen, but they work great.  Once you start working, you don’t even notice that there is a screen in front of your eyes.  They have a EVA foam face seal around the perimeter and an adjustable strap to keep the glasses from coming loose.  The stainless steel mesh works great to keep wood chips and flying debris out our your eyes, even when cutting over head.  And or course you don’t have to worry about the glasses steaming up on you.  The one area of caution is the Air Specs are not designed to prevent chemical or liquids splashes.

Elvex  Air Specs