Do you ever have those moments when you wonder, “What are they thinking?” When you you hold your breath and just hope nothing happens as you hold your cell phone wondering if you’ll have to call 911? And about perfectly normal, seemingly sensible people? Those thoughts went through my head last week when my neighbor strapped himself to a tree and ladder while chainsawing. He did have his safety glasses on … after his wife made him.

The top three causes of death for tree trimmers is electrocution, falls and being hit by parts of the tree.

Some important safety equipment when cutting down trees: safety glasses, ear protection, gloves, boots and chainsaw chaps. Also the appropriate ropes and harnesses if applicable. Remember to be prepared for the unexpected and properly educate yourself before attempting any DIY tree projects. OHSA has some great  resources that are very helpful in better understanding hazards & solutions to them.

Chain Saw Safety 1 Tree Cutting 1

Thanks to my neighbors for allowing me take and post these photos.