“Chaps actually saved my life once (I’m convinced, anyway). I was working for a builder in Michigan, clearing out some of his land for new houses. The lots were heavily wooded and his method was to push the trees over with the backhoe and we would buck them up on the ground, and sometimes this resulted in fairly large piles of trees.


I was working on one of the piles, cutting upwards from underneath the bottom of a limb that was lying more or less horizontally, when the balance of the pile shifted and the upper tip of the blade hit something where I couldn’t see it, and the whole blade kicked back across my upper leg. The chainsaw was running at full speed but the threads in the chainsaw chaps stopped the thing cold.


At first I didn’t even realize what had happened – I thought the saw had bound in the branches or something, and even gave the trigger a few kicks to try and loosen it again. That was when I felt it trying to tug at my pants and realized what had happened. We were miles away from nowhere; I am sure I would have bled to death in minutes if that thing had gone through my leg. So yeah, I’m a big believer in chaps.”


Thanks Joel for your story. The photo used is from another person’s chain saw injury (ugh – blood).   Joel’s leg is just fine.


Chain Saw Chaps