Safety glasses have been around a long time.  Bifocal safety glasses have been around for maybe 15 years.  Now technology is adding new features to old stand-by’s.  Pyramex has introduced PMXTREME® w/ LED Light and Readers.  Bifocal safety glasses or reader safety glasses with LED lights built in to the temples.

Have you ever tried to work on something in a low light area. It can be difficult. If your thinking ahead of time you could wear your head lamp or possibly hold the flashlight in your mouth (who knows what germs might be on it). The new Pyramex bifocal safety glasses with LED lights work great because there is a switch on each temple LED light to lighten up the work area.  You can choose to turn one temple light on, or for more light you can turn both temple lights on.  The glasses are available in 1.5, 2.0, or 2.5 diopter.  A very cool idea.

LED readers